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IPA Architects have offices in London and Dar es Salaam. John Kelly is the Director in charge of the Dar office, and has been so since its inception in 1993. The Dar office was originally established as a small satellite office to work on 2 bank fit-outs. However, since then it has grown considerably and now undertakes major construction projects in Tanzania and throughout the region.

Our Dar office is a melting pot of ideas and different cultures. Many Tanzanian and International architects have been employed in our offices over the years and all of those people have contributed positively in their own way to the work that IPA undertakes. People, and particularly properly motivated design and technical staff are what make IPA the practice it is. Currently (i.e. in 2011) IPA is a mid-sized practice employing on average 10 professional staff, who are in turn ably supported by management, secretarial and back-up staff. As an office we pride ourselves in attention to detail and the practice never takes on board more projects than it is able to deliver successfully.

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