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IPA is very much a design focused practice. We always seek to meet, if not better, Clients expectations for their projects. In order to achieve this, the finished buildings must not only function properly and efficiently, but to do so in a way which is visually stimulating and exciting.

Working in Tanzania presents its own set of problems and challenges. These relate not only to the difficulties in building in this part of the world, but also to making buildings which properly address the challenges laid down by the elements. Extreme sun, tropical rain, dust, heat and humidity.

IPA seek to explore what modern architecture should be in such an environment. In this physical as well as cultural environment. Too often architects in Tanzania mimic the architectural styles of Western cultures. We believe it is much more interesting and fulfilling to explore the elements that go together to make up this part of Africa and to use them to try and construct a new kind of architecture. One open to international influences but still routed to, and relevant to, the place where they exist. This is what IPA have tried to do for more than 18 years and the challenge starts afresh each day we arrive at work.

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